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Built for Flavor. BUilt to smoke.

The classic smoker is back. This bad boy burns with charcoal and real wood and it's built to last.
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The smoke
Never Leaves.

The Harvey Eugene Signature Smokers are just that – smokers. Bold, classic flavors that those other guys will never get from pellets or propane. Get that authentic, unforgettable barbecue bark and taste with charcoal and real wood. Feed that big family or that big appetite. Dad just might be proud of them ribs.

Our smokers are built to last through plenty of summers so you never miss the chance to one up your neighbor's cookout.

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Charcoal & real wood.

Why Harvey Eugene?

Up to 2 smoker compartments for a strong smoke

Patented smoke box & heat / air regulator

Old school flavor with charcoal & real wood

Our Story

We built Harvey Eugene Signature Smokers to honor the men who didn't have WiFi, pellets, gas and electronics that did the cooking for them. This is the legacy of doing things the right way, not the easy way. A good smoker is more than just cooking meat. It's tradition. It's a few beers or more on the weekend while you marinate yourself and your buddies in the sweet aroma of charred meats, while getting so hungry you could eat a whole rack of ribs yourself.

This is for the man himself, Harvey Eugene.

More choices to fit your smoking needs coming soon with the new Model Hess 576. Check back for updates!